Saving money on pro treatments

Money-saving suggestions

Here are some easy ways to get the most for your money when seeking the services of a hair removal pro:

Show up on time

Write down your appointment time and date, especially if you don’t have a standing appointment. It’s easy to forget. You may be charged for the session anyway if you forget or blow it off. If you’re late, you are paying the same amount for less treatment. If you can’t make it, call as soon as you know. If they can reschedule the time, you might not be charged. Plus, you won’t get a reputation as a no-show client. Clients who skip sessions tend to get low priority when scheduling problems come up. If you do it enough, they may not even work on you any more.
If you show up early you might be able to start early and get additional treatment time for the same price, or at the very least be on your way sooner. I’ve listed this tip first, because it’s the most common way people waste money. In fact, you’d be amazed how many people can’t get their act together enough to come in regularly. Don’t just blow off an appointment, and don’t be late. You’re only hurting yourself.

Buy a block of time in advance

This is a common practice that can save you money in the long run. Some places have different size blocks of time you can buy, and the larger the block, the bigger the discount. Buying a block means you have to plan very carefully, though. You have to save up for the first one, and if you plan to buy additional ones, you have to save up for the next one. You must set aside money from each paycheck, though, as if you were paying per treatment. It’s nice to go in without needing to bring a check or a lot of cash every time, and since I don’t have the money in hand, I’m not tempted to spend it on something less important. Remember, be sure to get a receipt for a block showing how many hours you paid for, especially if you are paying in cash.

Just do the thick terminal hairs

If you can’t afford to get all of them at once, you can just get the noticeable hairs and trim the long, fine ones with scissors or a beard trimmer (better not to pluck if you want to remove them permanently later). Some people eventually decide they won’t even bother removing the thin ones.

Shave between treatments

As many as 30% of your hairs are not growing at any given time, and these hairs don’t respond as well to electrolysis or laser. By shaving between sessions, you’re only treating the growing hairs that are treatable. Shave according to your practitioner’s instructions. An electrologist needs the hair out to determine its angle and to grasp it with forceps. If it’s too short, they spend more time trying to find the hairs than treating them. Some can get by with 12 hours or less, some can’t shave within 48 hours before treatment. On the other hand, a laser place may want you to shave right before treatment. Ask your practitioner.

Go to a training school

Having students do your face can save a lot of money, but you get what you pay for-- in this case inexperienced people using you as a guinea pig.

Do it yourself

I include this suggestion, but I can’t personally recommend it. Read the section on do-it-yourself electrolysis.


Do you have a marketable skill you could exchange for treatment? Some enterprising people have done handiwork like shampooing their practitioner’s carpets or making small repairs at their office or home. Some do painting and yardwork for them. Some have designed print ads or web pages. Some offer to do the books, take appointments or clean the offices at night. Someone I know took photos at my electrologist’s wedding in exchange for treatment time, and another gives her a ride home to get a price break. You are only limited by your imagination and motivation.

Here’s 2 more tips, make sure your electroylist used insulated bulbous tips that concentrate energy and the tip of the needle.

And while going for treatments, make sure you are well hydrated, this is supposed to keep your follicles moist for better connectivities. I know when i am well hydrated i feel and hear that zap louder. Isn’t that wierd. Kinda gross, but in a satisfying way.

Yes, hydration is extremely important for improving results!

Moisturize daily after your shower.

Drink lots of water.

Use a humidifier at home (especially in the winter and in colder climates).

You mention that it is better not to pluck if you wish to remove them permenantly later…why is this, or is this issue addressed somewhere else on the site? Thank you for all of you dedication in maintating this site.

If you pluck the hair, it will not be available for treatment again for at least 9 months. Studies also say that plucked hairs can grow thicker and deeper, and may even cause more hairs to grow, because the extra blood supplied to the area when the hair is plucked could accellerate the growth of vellus hairs to become terminal.

Furthermore, I must add that hydration is a big key. One can get the same treatment effectiveness with a lower setting when the client is hydrated.

So having said that, if you REALLY want to help yourself to better more comfortable treatment, then not only should you stay hydrated, but you should not smoke on the day of an electrolysis visit, (you could quit all together and use that money for more electrolysis) and don’t drink coffee the day of an electrolysis treatment either, because that dehydrates you AND makes you more sensitive to treatment energy.

So the less you smoke, the less your intake of caffine and the more you drink water, the closer you are to comfortable effective treatments.

Thanks for stepping up on that one, James! My advice exactly!

Is the hydration important before the Laser treatments as well as before electrolysis? I have had seven Laser treatments, and my practitioner did not mention this even once.

Thanks, polki.

What is the cheapest method available for me to remove my pubic hair permanently?

My tip - Sign up for emails and mailings of the companies you are interested in.

I have received several emails with holiday specials and various promotions.

Sharon, you need to tell us what your skin and hair type is. Also, what you’re hoping to pay and how much you want removed.

I totally agree with going to a school, it is a great way to save money. Just ask for a student who is close to graduating.

Have you ever noticed that when you go to an electrology school, you ask to have treatment from only the students who are near graduation, and the teacher tells you that these are the students who are close to graduating, and yet you don’t see anybody sitting in the corner reading a book and no other room that could be hiding any unseen students?

I do not know which schools you are talking about, but having attended school, there were times when students were in the back room studying and taking tests while others were being treated. Hours were being tracked, and students needed to have so many hours before they could progress off of arms and legs and onto facial areas.
For those near Long Beach, California… American Institute of Education is in my opinion a very good place to save money on the cost of electrolysis. What others may not realize, is that the school does also have a classroom via another entrance next door that is also utilized…
Having electrolysis by senior students however, I believe is a little more costly than just having any student perform the electrolysis.

My wife wants to have her underarm hair permanently removed. What is MY cheapest option?

–tightwad husband

If she has dark coarse hair, it is one of the easiest and cheapest areas to treat with a good laser machine. It would take around 6 treatments at $50-125 each, spaced 8-12 weeks apart. This area and bikini was the best thing I have done.

Well that’s manageable. I was nervous that it might cost more. Thanks lagirl. Will talk about this to her later.

My wife told me she wanted to do the Gentlelase treatment she read about in this article (

since it’s supposed to be less painful than electrolysis. It does cost more than the treatments lagirl quoted ($500 each but only 4 treatments). What kind of laser machine were you referring too? Would it be possible to find Gentlelase treatments at the same price you quoted or is it really just more expensive? Thanks again.

A tip to save time in treatment with Electrolysis:
If your electrologist giving consent and the area requires it, you can stretch your skin. Thus facilitate the work and your electrologist remove more hairs in less time.

LASER HURTS! Electrolysis can hurt for this area, but it hurts much, much less if the electrologist has invested in the newer technology available right this minute and is skilled at using the newer technology.

$500.00 for one underarm treatment is not right!!! Are you doubly sure that you heard this correctly? Please check again. Underarms should be in the range LAgirl reported.