santa monica/west la/ beverly hills?


Does anyone know of a really good electrologist or laser hair removal place in santa monica?

thanks a lot!


Trudy: The best electrologist near you is “Mary’s” located on Beverly Blvd near La Cienga. I don’t have the address or phone number with me; but she is listed in the L.A central phone directory. She will treat both men and women on any area of the body. Let us know how you did with her. Since I have had all my body hair removed, I haven’t seen her for quite awhile. She is reasonable and has a loyal following.


Thanks Barrister,
I really appreciate the recommendation- I will let you know what happens. :smile: Do you mind telling me what kind of method she uses, and if you had any side effects from the treatment?

thanks a lot!

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Trudy: I never had any side effects. Also I don’t know whattype of machine Mary uses. If you like and request it,she will take a photo of the areas you want worked on. In this way you can see improvement as you go along. After the hair is gone it is difficult to remember how much their was; especially in the underarm,chest and pubic areas.