Santa Fe: Body Beautiful electrolysis

<p><strong> Body Beautiful </strong><br>
Ana Rivera </p>
<p> 1435 S. St. Francis Dr., Suite #208<br>
<em>(In the El Tesoro Building)<br>
</em>Santa Fe, NM 87505</p>
<p>phone#: 505.470.1648<br>
<p> Hours:<br>
Tues., Thurs., Sat., 9am-6pm by appointment<br>
15min-$20, 30min-$35, 60min-$65, tax included<br>

[li]Confidential, Compassionate, Gentle, Professional </li>[/li] [li]Specializing in Multiple-probe technique for quick and effective results. [/li] </li>
[li]Licensed, Certified and practicing since 1996<br>[/li] </li>