San Jose: Electrolysis Clinic

Electrolysis Clinic <br>
Elva Briseno, R.E. </p>

335 So. Baywood Ave.<br>
San Jose, CA 95128<br>

(408) 247-7486<p>

Office Hours:<br>

Monday - Saturday & Evenings: 7:30am to 9:00pm<p>

Office Rates:<br>
Depends on time - from 15 min. to Whatever<p>

Description of Practice:<br>

<ul>[li]Have been exclusively devoted to Hair Removal since 1964[/li][li]Extremely Confidential[/li][li]Men & Women[/li][li]Thermolysis & Blend Methods (with air)[/li][li]Your own disposable probes[/li][li]Free consultation[/li]