San Jose (Bay Area) CA Referrals Please?!

Does anyone on HT have any recommendations for an electrologist in the San Jose, CA (Bay Area)? I know there are threads and threads with names but many of them dont really have reviews and I’d really appreciate a referral from someone that has gone through a full set of treatments and had a positive experience. The few threads that do go into detail about their treatments either never gave their electros info or the electro went out of business.

IDEALLY someone in the San Jose area would be preferable but even about half way up the peninsula or east bay could work. I know people drive long distances to see a practitioner and I shouldn’t limit my geographical area but to be completely honest – I desperately need help managing the hair on my face and my funds are limited. So whatever additional costs (gas etc) I can keep at a minimum, the more money ill have for my treatments.

So please help HT! I’m heavily depending on a referral here because the first electro I went to (who i found in one of the lists) was unhygienic and left quite a few scars on my face (which will hopefully go away eventually but are extremely unpleasant in the meantime) and then I found another electro that I adore becaus she doesn’t damage my skin and is very skilled. The only thing is that she works a little slow and has WAY too many clients, so it’s a bit of a struggle for me to get in for regular appointments…and the hair is out of control.

I’m afraid to go to a third person and potentially ruin my skin again :-/

Referrals? anyone? Would greatly appreciate it!!

I’d recommend looking in the referrals section of this site anyway. Some time ago we had another person looking in the same area, and what I found was that for some reason San Jose/ SF is one area where there were some personal messages of support for some of the listed electrologists. Most other areas, were just a list of names with no recommendations.

Unfortunately readership on this board isn’t all that high, and you may not get anyone else from your area responding for weeks, if they even see this message at all.


Thanks Seana. I’ll keep searching the forum, I was just crossing my fingers that someone was from the area or one of the pros had a referral. It’s so hard finding someone good!