San Francisco: Renee Yates, R.E., L.E.

Renee Yates, R.E., L.E. <br>
<em>Renee Yates </em><br>
<p> 2355 Ocean Avenue<br>
San Francisco, CA 94127 <br>
(415) 333-2444
<p> Office Hours:<br>
Monday - Friday, Day and Evening Appointments
<p> Description of Practice:
<p>Ms. Yates has over 20 years of experience, is a former State Board Examiner, Member othe American Electrology Association, Member of the Electrology Association of California and stays current with seminars and educational clock-hours.
<p>Modalities Used: Blend
<p>Physician Referrals<br>
Disposable Probes<br>
Medical Sterilization