San Francisco Bay Area LHR for Indian skin

I am new to this forum. I have read several posts on LHR and the little research I have done suggests that I should Look for a practitioner using nd:yag type laser( best suited for ppl of Indian origin). I have medium dark skin tone with somewhat coarse hair on my lower leg and underarms. However I m having a hard time finding a place. I m new to United States, have been living in the San Francisco Bay area Fremont city for two years. I have waxed my legs arms and underarms all my life since a teenager (once a month).
However in the last two years my ingrown on legs and underarms have increased a lot. Specially my legs is full of ingrowns that appear within a week of waxing and hurts a lost. I went to a dermatologist who suggested I go for LHR , however she didn’t suggest a place or type. If anyone on this forum is familiar with this side of town or anywhere in Bay Area and knows of a good practitioner who is experienced with Indian skin please suggest. My ingrowns hurt me real bad :frowning:

Thanks a lot In advance.