San Fran: Union Street Medspa

Has anybody gone there? I’m a male with fairly light skin and darker hair looking to get hair removal on my back. They use a LightSheer Diode Laser, and I’m curious if anybody has experiences with them as far as cost, how knowledgeable they are, whether they use weak settings on the lasers, etc.

I had a consultation here today and came back with a very good feeling. The place was very comfortable, and the lady was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. With the Diode, they said they would start in the mid-high 20’s in joules and work their way up. At a consultation I went to a month ago, they said they would top out at 18 or so. It was also more affordable than other places I saw, with this one being a little under $500 for back/shoulders if I buy 3 sessions (and about $450/session with a 5 session plan). I’m going to think it over this weekend and might try to get in there as soon as next week.

Starting at 18 Joules with your skin type is a waste of time, especially with the Lightsheer. You might as well stay home and pay for the firs treatments, the result will be the same. 18 would be OK for the beard but not the back.

They should at least do some test spots and be open to raising the fluence incrementally. They shouldn’t have a set fluence level that they use on everyone!


To clarify, the 18 joules was a place I went to a month ago, not the place I went to today. They said today that they’d probably start at around 27 for my skin, but maybe 24. They also said they’d do a test spot first, and take it from there. It seemed like they knew what they were talking about, based on what i’ve read here. They have openings Tuesday, so I may do it then. They also said the treatments would be spaced out roughly 8 weeks from one another.

Ok, that sounds a little more reasonable.