San Diego: Sarah Alexanders Electrolysis

Sarah Alexanders Electrolysis <br>
Sarah Alexander
<p> 3262 Holiday Court #220<br>
La Jolla (San Diego) CA 92037<br>
(619) 558-0888<br>
website: <a href=“”></a>

<p> Hours:<br>
M-Saturday by appointment
<p> Description of Practice:
<p>Serving LaJolla / San Diego since 1983. We pride ourselves on honest ethical
work. We specialize in problem cases and sensitive skin.We have recently added
EpiLight after much research and training and find it compliments our electrolysis
practice. We also wax and thread. We can explain all the advantages and disadvantages
with each method we have and help you make an informed decision. Since we have
been in the San Diego area since 1983 that shows our stability success in the
hair removal field.We have 3 Electrolygists and Medical director Michael Platt
<p>We always offer a 15 min. electrolysis treatment free for first time clients.
Call for an appointment.