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3435 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 311 San Diego, CA 92108

Just in case people come across this page, this is an email I received from her:

I have an Apilus Senior II with IMMPAC computerized!

I’m fully experienced on all parts of the body including private parts. I’m not fast, but I’m accurate! So you end up being finished with less visits on maintenance toward the ending months. I’ve been licensed as an electrologist since 1977. I’m semi-retired to make time for writing my autobiography. I take limited clients for this reason and I work from my home. So, I very cautious on giving out my home location.

Here some general info on my services:
Starting your appointment with a Free Consultation to make you comfortable with the service, but if you have any treatments charges do apply, see below.
Treatment Standards are first 40 minutes $50.00

and a dollar point twenty-five ($1.50) per minute for every minute after.

Standard rate: $90.00 per hour.

My transgender and others with extensive work see me at once to twice a week at two to three hour sessions each. These clients need me to cut their amount down because of their weekly frequent treatments, which average hours are five (5) to six (6) hours a week. I’ve done many of them on a marathon in the past averaging 6 to 8 hour session per treatment needed. So, these clients paid the $75.00 per hour or a marathon blocked rate ($600.00 for eight to nine hour session or $450.00 for six to six and half hour session). If you were coming to me that frequent, then you too would have that same deal. At this time, I don’t know if you are one of my frequent weekly clients. So, I can’t tell if you fit in the $75.00. Most clients start with $90.00 per hour and work their way into a better deal on a frequent treatment basis. So at this point you pay $90.00 per hour unless you are Transgender or Transsexual or go for excessive treatment sessions (averaging twice a week, two to three hour sessions).

  • TS/TG Rates: Flat $75.00 per. hour. Or a dollar ($1.25) per minute (with a minimum $50.00 or 40 minutes)(No setup fee).

GCS (GRS or SRS) (private areas for Trans) hair removals are no cut cost. The standard rate applies: $90.00 per hour ($1.50 per minute)(No setup fee).

Brazilian Electrolysis and non TG private area services rate: $90.00 per hour ($ 1.50 per minute or $50.00 for 40 mins) with a minimum of setup time fee ($10.00 setup fee).

Booking can fluctuate my hours longer, shorter or to more days.

Just call me for the exact address upon making your first appointment.

I hope this answers your questions, Brenton hun.

Many Hugs with Smiles,

Ar’lene D. Lafferty, LE (RE), LC