Same equipment, different places.

Hey, I’m currently in process of getting a head ache while trying to decide between to places that do laser hair removal. they both use the most(?) advanced lasers, the lightsheer XC for example, but also a few others. both offer pretty much the same package for just about the same money, although one of them was a little more optimistic regarding the speed of the results - one said it would take 8-10 (or more) and the other that it would only take 5 (or more). also, the first suggested 2 months between treatments and the second suggested 3 months (which makes the overall time, if the predictions regarding the number of treatments are corrent, about the same). since the results are guranteed and any extra treatment would be free in either one, it doesn’t matter much, but it could hint towards a more realistic view vs. a marketing one? I believe both places have skilled people operating the laser, but I was wondering how much of a difference would some extra (probably very little) knowledge/experience could make? say, if one decides to use a different power settings at different times? please respond quickly as I am to make the decision by tomorrow. thanks in advance for any help.

I can’t tell you someting about your question. But the extra treatments for free are a great thing.
Please, tell me wich is the price they gave you and for wich zone. I have also a proposal, why we don’t post here the prices that centres give us? as orientative.

yeah, that probably is a good idea, although you’d have to watch for technology differences. sadly, mine info won’t be very useful since I don’t live in the US, where I’m guessing most of you reside.