salons that let you bring your own wax

im scared of infections, because salons use the same pot of wax for everyone, they may use different sticks for everyone but they double dip the stick?

are there salons that let you bring your own wax?

Call ahead but, many salons are ok with that.

I am a cosmetologist, and I can tell you right now, they will NEVER double dip the stick. EVER! If you see that happening, call the State Board of Cosmetology in your area and make a complaint. Infection control is a huge part of salon practice, and you should be perfectly fine using what they have there. You dip the stick once, apply the wax, and then throw that stick away, using a new one each time.

I would personally never use wax somebody had brought from home, nor do I know anybody else that would. Who knows where it came from? No, I would use what I have been trained with and have experience in, and I think most salon operators would feel the same. As long as they use good hygiene, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.