Salon wax - fragrance?

Hi all,

How common is it for professional wax at a salon to be fragranced? I have been going for waxing at my favorite hair salon, and i feel very comfortable there and that the results are satisfactory. However, it seemed like the wax was highly fragranced - that is, my skin smelled perfumey afterwards and this got on my clothes and would not wash out. Also, my skin was quite red, which may have been sensitivity to the perfume.

Is it normal for salon wax to be fragranced, or does this vary from salon to salon? I’m just trying to judge whether it would be worthwhile to try other salons or whether all are pretty similar in this regard.


Some places use waxes with stuff like tea tree oil and menthol and other junk in it. If you like them and want to continue, you might ask if they have an unscented or hypoallergenic wax they could use on you. It’s not hard for them to order, and they should be interested in keeping a client.

Other things that can cause fragrance are scented talc/baby powder, scented soothing gels, and scented cleansers. I think if you tell them, they should be responsive to your request. If not, take your business elsewhere. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


Excellent idea - thanks for the reply.

Actually, i will call around salons near me and ask if the wax they use is unscented or hypoallergenic. I’m not married to the salon i’ve been going to, although on further thought the fragrance may be in the body oil they use on me post-waxing rather than in the wax itself - perhaps they have an unscented oil. Maybe i can just bring my own oil or aloe vera gel for afterwards.


I also have sensitive skin and often find fragrances a bit overbearing.