Salicylic Acid body wash

I was wondering if Salicylic Acid (neutrogena body clear) wash has any downsides for the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Can it be used safely before and after laser hair removal.


It shouldn’t have a problem, although it’s possible that you may have more irritation and redness because you will have more new skin cells exposed.

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Sorry I haven’t visited the boards in a while. I wouldn’t use it before or directly after a hair treatment. But, maybe you already have and I hope it went okay.

If you use EMLA topical anesthetic, apparently the natural oils of the skin are somewhat needed for it to work properly.

Second, you’re probably using it to help your complexion. I would instead recommend using Neotrogena “On the Spot” 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream. It comes in both a white absorbing variety (called Vanishing Cream) or a skintone coverup. Twice a day, use a very small amount (fingertip dab) and just lightly cover the area. Then apply moisturizer 10 mins later (I like “Kiss my Face - fragrance free”). Both should fade into your skin within 15 mins. This regiment has helped me when nothing else would, combined with a twice daily wash with Clearasil daily face wash in a big tube. Salilyc acid and other astingents just irritated me (literally!).

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Hi vulpes-- hope all continues to go well for you!

I should add that aggressive use of skin treatments like AHAs, exfoliants, peels and scrubs may increase the chances of problems when you get laser or electrolysis, and you should avoid these after treatment until your skin has healed.