safe and good treatment, regardless of cost, for my 15 year old daughter ?

Hi all,

I am a 44 year old male who is very hairy, my wife too is quite hairy (pubic) so my daughter was never going to be blessed with light smooth hair.

She is now 15 and is worried about her facial, pubic, leg and also bum (bottom ?) hair. I so much feel for her and want to do what I can for her. Obviously the priorities are safety, absence of scarring and success in that order.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

many thanks

First of all at the age of 15, if she has not past her puberty completely, the treatments would not be permanent. Otherwise laser hair removal is very safe and effective, if it is done properly. Depending on your daughter’s skin and hair color, there may be a number of lasers suitable for her. Reply with some more information, and I would be able to recommend a laser treatment for her.

Thanks for the reply,

She tans easily although her hair colour is a mix of blonde and brown. Her facial hair is blonde and very fine. Although her pubic is extremely black.

From what I can make out most clinics/doctors won’t treat her until she is 18, this seems a real shame as this problem is effecting her life terribly.

Thanks for your reply and help.


Try or call 07774205235. They have had very good reports on

The hair on your daughters face would probably not be effected by the laser treatment, because it is fine and light. The pubic area can be treated, since the hair is black. For more info you can call 877-7LASERX, I will gladly help you.