I am an extremely sad girl. I have excessive hair on almost all parts of my body including my chin, back, stomach,around my nipples, etc… I had waxed or used a string to pluck the hairs but realised that the situation was simply getting worse and worse, for the hairs became thicker… Last year, I began a Laser Treatment to finally get rid of this horrific problem that I have had since puberty. It has been a year that I am being treated. The result has simply reduced the hairs in a way where I cannot feel them if I touch my chin. However, they are extremely obvious in the sun and the shame has failed to disappear. I am so depressed sometimes that I ovoid going in areas where I will be exposed to too much light. I am an attractive person but my extremely low self-esteem has caused me to avoid relationships because I cannot bear to face my body, let alone expose it to a man. I started a good realtionship once, but immediately ran away from it once it got serious because I know he would be disgusted by my body :frowning: . I sometimes picture myself with him and wonder how my life would be if I was not hairy… I cry all the time and fear that the problem will never go away. The technician that is treating me says that it will go away eventually, and that electrolysis will finish the job the laser began but I sometime loose hope and think that I will always remain like this.

Thank you for letting me write this: A reply would by anyone out there woulb be highly appreciated.

You make no reference to whether or not you have HAVE seen a doctor about this ABNORMAL hair pattern. If you have not…WHY NOT? The people here are NOT doctors but we electrologists see many patients like you describe. There are a few disorders that can cause hair growth on a female that is in a “male pattern distribution”. It is ALWAYS caused by extra male hormone. This can be due to a treatable medical disorder, some medication you are taking, or a tumor that is secreting male hormone. Since it is a treatable condition it is covered by medical insurance (both electrolysis and medication too).

The most common cause is really a darn big nusance that can change your life (as you described it perfectly). It is called “polycystic ovarian syndrome” (PCOS) and is treated with the same hormones that are found in “birth control” pills because it is a hormone imbalance that has to be “balanced”. It ocurrs in 6-10% of ALL women.

There are a number of other symptoms besides the hair. They can include irregular periods (anything over 35 days or under 21 days), skipped periods, cessation of periods (very serious), heavy flow, scanty flow, painful periods, cessation of ovulation (infertility), acne-like skin eruptions, weight gain (this is due to insulin resistance and can be a marker for diabetes in the future…very serious).

The diagnosis is made by 2 blood tests. You do NOT have to have all the symptoms. A competent doctor can diagnose and treat you with only a couple of symptoms. You should see a specialist who understands this problem. If you live near a big medical center make an appointment with the Endocrinology department as they see a lot of this and can help you.

I will be glad to help you through the process of getting reimbursed for electrolysis and medication, however, you have to do exactly what I say or you will scuttle your chances of getting reimbursed. NEVER call an insurance company to ask if they pay for this as they only hire people who can say, “NO”. There is a way to do this properly and you will get paid. They love to take money in but do not like to give it out and will wear you out so that you get discouraged and quit. It is just one of their “legal strategies”, however, you can beat them. If you do not follow my instructions you will become depressed, tired, and feel hopeless. They count on this and will cheat you out of a legitimate claim.

Good Luck

Hi Rebecca,

All I can tell you is that you are NOT alone… I have hideously scarred breasts due to hairs that constantly get ingrown (if I do not remove the ingrown hairs you see lots of dark spots and lines underneath the skin.) It makes me so angry… I look at other women who don’t even have to shave their legs and it makes me so sad as hair plays a big role in controlling my confidence, happiness, and my life.

I had electrolysis done for a few months but stopped the treatment, as it made the area red & infected & scabbed (the area looked worse while I was undergoing electrolysis than it did when I was not recieving it.) I also did not find there to be any improvement after recieving the treatment. However, I think I went to a lousy electrolygist because no one else on this site seems to have had a bad experience with electrolysis. So maybe you shouldn’t listen to me regarding electrolysis! I am still looking for some solution to this problem although I unfortunately don’t have much money. I was hoping to purchase a home kit. It’s all so overwhelming. And it’s crazy how much time we spend caring for not to mention thinking about our unwanted hair.

Anyway… I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.