I am an extremely sad girl. I have excessive hair on almost all parts of my body including my chin, back, stomach,around my nipples, etc… I had waxed or used a string to pluck the hairs but realised that the situation was simply getting worse and worse, for the hairs became thicker… Last year, I began a Laser Treatment to finally get rid of this horrific problem that I have had since puberty. It has been a year that I am being treated. The result has simply reduced the hairs in a way where I cannot feel them if I touch my chin. However, they are extremely obvious in the sun and the shame has failed to disappear. I am so depressed sometimes that I ovoid going in areas where I will be exposed to too much light. I am an attractive person but my extremely low self-esteem has caused me to avoid relationships because I cannot bear to face my body, let alone expose it to a man. I started a good realtionship once, but immediately ran away from it once it got serious because I know he would be disgusted by my body . I sometimes picture myself with him and wonder how my life would be if I was not hairy… I cry all the time and fear that the problem will never go away. The technician that is treating me says that it will go away eventually, and that electrolysis will finish the job the laser began but I sometime loose hope and think that I will always remain like this.

Thank you for letting me write this: A reply would by anyone out there woulb be highly appreciated.


Hello Rebecca,

If there is one place on the Internet you will get understanding, support and the straight facts about hair removal, it is here on HairTell. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your story with us.

I replied to MissModular this morning, and it seems that you are in a similar boat. I personally feel your pain, and I sympathise with you and your dilemma. Please don’t be too sad.

Have you been checked by a doctor for any hormonal abnormalities? I would suggest that you find a doctor willing to discuss the issue and to work through any possible treatments or to refer you to specialists if needed.

It sounds as though you are getting some positive results with the LASER - please remember that it will take time, and then some more time. If I were you I would also be looking now for a decent electrologist, because a good one is going to be the most important person in your ‘hair life’ at some point in the near future…

I have read a number of stories of how people find it disgusting to have hair, how they find it hard to raise their self esteem, or to become involved in ongoing relationships. We can understand it. It may not make it easier for you to become more self confident, or to be in a relationship at this moment in time, but I hope it will help to lower the loathing you have for your bodies appearance. Not to take anything away from your feelings, but often times we are so acutely aware of the problem that we magnify it and project that magnification of what we think is so obvious onto other people we meet. In reality, your hairs are probably not quite as noticeable to others as they are to you.

I think you need to keep a positive frame of mind, and try to imagine yourself in the future when you have been treated and your hair situation is at an acceptable to you level. then you will be free mentally to become involved in a relationship and to feel comfortable doing so. Meanwhile, keep your life on track, keep fit, eat well, expand your mind, learn something new, meditate, whatever, live your life, don’t be in self imposed exile from the world and your own enjoyment by focusing on the hair. I know it is easy to say, but there is a whole world of enjoyment out there for the taking…

Your hair situation will get sorted out, in time, and we are here to help you to do that, and to listen to your story as you go on with resolving the situation to your satisfaction.



To David,
thank you so much for that sweet later. It is incredible how someone that I do not even know can make me smile.

You spoke about hormones: I have been checked and the doctor said that I had something extra in my hormones, which makes me to produce more hair, eostrogene or something. Do you know if it is possible and safe to have an operation to resolve this hormone problem.

Moreover, I got this add about hair remouval and wanted to ask you if it is a legitimate product:

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What do you Think?

Thanks David

Hi again Rebecca,

Glad I was able to make a difference in your day…

You need to probably see a hormone specialist if your GP cannot work out a simple treatment for you. A referral to an endocrinologist would be your next step. Without fixing the hormone problems, you are always going to see more hair than you want… It sounds like you have an excess of Androgen hormones such as Testosterone, these are normally the ones that will give you male-like hair patterns. I don’t know that an operation is called for, but some medication can certainly help to control and balance the hormones. You will need to get some blood tests, and then these will give your doctor a good idea exactly what is going on and how to approach the situation.

The hair removal method you mentioned sounds very much like Transdermal - and although it is tempting to believe it will be permanent, safe, easy, and cheap, esp. if you can do it in the comfort of your own home, unfortunately, there are plenty of people who have bought such a device and never had a hair removed that did not come back 6 weeks later.

Good luck, stay focused and come back here when you need to…