does anyone know of a good electrolysis in nashville,tn?
can electrolysis be administered inside the nose?

There are two thoughts on this: NO and YES, but take precaustions.

  1. Electrolysis should NOT be administered INSIDE the nose. Since a lot of people carry a bacteria called staphylococci inside the nose, tweezing and electrolysis is highly discouraged in this area. An infection could result and spread up to the brain. This could result in a life threatening situation.

2.Some physicians say it is okay as long sterile proceedure is used and one watches the area for beginning signs of infection so treatment can be started quickly.

Written permission would be advisable from your physician, at least, that’s what I would require.

Clipping the hairs with small scissors or one of those nose trimmers would be less risky and less painful.

Check out the referals for Nashville here on hairtell or go to www.electrology.com if no one chimes in about the referal part of your question. Do get those consultations before you settle on someone.