Ruby lasers?


Hello all,

My girlfriend is considering having laser hair removal done soon, and I’ve been looking around for places that will do it in our area. All those that I’ve seen so far have advertised ruby lasers, however this type of laser hasn’t received much attention in this forum. Can anybody tell me the effectiveness of such lasers compared to diode or alex lasers, and which brands/models I should go for or avoid?

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I thought that ruby lasers aren’t used much anymore. From what I know they can be effective but are not recommended for darker skin types. I also heard that they work better on lighter hair such as brown hair if you have a lighter skin type.

The diode and alexandrite lasers are more popular now. I prefer the diode lasers because they are more powerful and result in less post-treatment redness. They require an experienced practitioner though due to the power levels used.



Hi Andrew–

For some reason, ruby lasers remain the laser of choice in the UK and Australia. They have the most published clinical data and can certainly remove hair. Just be sure the device being used has a skin cooling system to help reduce pain and side effects. Many early rubies did not have this feature. A ruby laser in the right hands can be effective, but they appear to be more likely to cause side effects compared to alexandrites and Nd:YAGs.