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I went for a first session of laser hair removal with a laser Ruby. The intensity they used was 6J. Is it not too low to be effective ?
My skin is not pale but more olive oil colour and my hair is light brown.
When I asked them, they told me 8 J would be a maximum they would try to go for my type of skin. It’s seems fairly low when I read in other postings 20 J and more.


You should NOT be treated with the ruby laser. You could be seriously burned, plus you won’t see results at 6 joules. Switch to an alexandrite (Gentlelase) or diode (LightSheer) or long pulsed Nd:Yag (Lyra, Coolglide).

Find someone who knows what they’re doing. Treating an olive-skinned patient with a ruby laser suggests that they’re inexperienced or just out to make a buck.


Thanks for your reply. I spoke again with the clinic and they told me my skin is considered pale olive oil so they believe the Ruby laser is appropriate for my type of skin.
However, they confirmed to me again that a setting of 9 is the maximum they advise for my type of skin to avoid any skin damage.
Most postings I have read mention LHR treatment is slightly painful while I didn’t feel any pain at all so I was wondering if this is because 6J is a very low setting so no pain and obviously totally inefficient. Any comment on that anyone ?

Also, it’s been 1 week post treatment now and the hair is growing back. Several postings said the hair starts growing back but then falls off after a week. Not the case for me.
Has anybody had been treated with the Ruby laser on their upper arms (brown hair and pale olive oil skin colour) ?
If so can you tell me what were the settings used.
How far apart was each treatment in time ?


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Let me repeat: You should not be treated with the Ruby. It is an outdated laser that you rarely see in use anymore. You will not get results with any laser unless the energy is high enough to kill the follicle. Do not waste your money or risk getting hypo/hyperpigmented. Research the procedure and find an experience practitioner.

Within two weeks the treated hairs will shed. Afterwards, you should be smooth for at least several weeks. If this doesn’t happen, the treatment didn’t work.


Dan2 is right. And 6J sounds way too low to me to be effective. That is the wrong type of laser for you.



Thanks you both for your replies.
I will go to another clinic for sure now.
Effectively, it’s now been over 2 weeks after my first laser treatment and I don’t see any difference. The hair has started to grow back again and no shedding at all. I am really upset that they were not professional and even tried to sell me a package.


Caveat Emptor


I called the LHR clinic to let them know I would not go back since I have not seen any hair shedding.
I also mentioned that I got advised that the fluence was too low to be effective and that Ruby lasers are not appropriate for my skin type.
The practiotioner insisted that I am a skin type 3 and Ruby laser, to be more accurate the Palomar E2000, are right for this type of skin.
She explained to me that a fluence of 9 is ok since this particular type of laser has a system that allows to regenerate the energy and hence on a 9 Joules setting, it actually delivers 30 J.

I don’t intend to go back for treatment with them but I would only like to know if anybody knows about this regenerating system in laser Ruby Palomar E200 ?
I am only curious to know if this is true.


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