Rubber Gloves over Electric Epilator?

Hello Folks,

This is my first post to this website. It may possibly be my last simply because I have a hectic schedule and I’m not a very frequent visitor of this site. Well, first off, I found this site incredibly resourceful. I am a pretty hairy guy, and I was thinking of persuing modeling as a hobby for the summer. Once the weather gets better I’d like to tan a bit and shave away my “coat and pants” I’m wearing on my body. It’s not the worst case of body hair out there, but it’s bad enough that my chances to model would be brutally affected. Well, I read all of the message boards and the website in a good 3 hours (what I needed to know anyway) and I figured I’d go with body waxing, probably at a beauty salon. I am a struggling student like so many of you out there, and so my mother didn’t want me to shell out my hard earned money when there were ways of getting the job done cheaper. She showed me her epilator on my arms, which hurt quite a lot. My arm hair is very long and dark, and I actually broke the machine (partly because it was old to begin with). My mother does house cleaning, and I tag along and help on some days. I was working with her today, when she walked up to me and grabbed my arm with her yellow-rubber gloves she was using. Pull!!! “What did you do that for?”… I exlaimed! “Look!”… I saw her glove was full of hair from my arm. What was odd is that it hurt NOWHERE as much as the epilator did. Infact, it didn’t really hurt at all. I was drawing much more blood than with the epilator, but perhaps it was because it was drawing so much hair more rapidly. Well, that lasted only 45 seconds or so and we went back to work. Now I see that my left arm looks MUCH cleaner than my right. I’ll probably let her finish the rest of it this evening when I find the time. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing I’m trying. My arm looks fine and couldn’t feel better. But obviously to do this you have to have hair long enough to get a grip on, otherwise it could be tricky to get at it. Anyways, I did get a hair wax kit and I’ll be using that for the chest/stomach, and for my pants, I mean legs, I have no idea what I’ll do. Probably try the epilator, or maybe even give the gloves a test. I took this picture with my digiCam and realized I hate my hairy body and need to do something serious if I want to try modeling. (mind you this was taken after a serious electric razor trim) If I have success with all of this in the coming months, I’ll have to drop by the website and thank the admin and post a pic at my success, which of course could only be owed to all of the fine folks that make this great information available. Anyways, now I’ve shared my bizarre hair treatment experiment with ya’ll. Hope it is a safe tip and that maybe it saves one of you out there some $$$ and time? Buh-bye!

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eyes the picture

And you genuinely think there’s something wrong with that?

Good lord.

just a short follow-up from my previously mentioned experiment. Well, i ordered a braun epilator through eBay, but I won’t be getting it for some time. Anyways, my leg hair has been a life-long annoyance, and with sring weather finally here, I thought I’d finally reduce the shaginess on my legs. I didn’t want bare legs because, well, that’s not very masculine. But I wanted the thickness to be reduced. Well, I tried the rubber-gloves technique, and I was amazed how even I was able to control its density. I ended up with a hair-ball half the size of a basketball!!! But it wasn’t terribly painful and it took an hour and a half to do both legs completely. After my last post I wanted feedback on my radical approach, and received none. So 3 days later I plunged into unknown territory and can now say I am 99% satisfied with the effectiveness of this technique. Just thought I’d say all this incase anybody was curious.

You stated that you “…didn’t want bare legs because…that’s not very masculine.” But I can tell you that being masculine has little to do with hair. It’s how you carry yourself and how you act. If you want to model, your best bet is to go smooth neck-to-toe, though I’m sure there is also demand for male models with hairy bodies.

Like you, I’m quite hairy. I generally go smooth during the warmer months and let the hair grow back during the colder months (I do maintenance with a beard trimmer during the cooler months to keep the hair short). But remember, short of laser treatments, removing hair on guys like us requires a fair amount of work. It can get tiring at times.

Jontiac, thanks for the excellent post (too bad there won’t be many more)!

The rubber gloves are an interesting option I’ve never tried myself. I’ll have to give it a shot one of these days. It’s certainly an inexpensive option!

Nice pic! What’s your body fat, like 1% or something?? As noted above, there are modeling opportunities for guys with fuzz, though the current trend is for more smooth looks.

Good luck with the modeling. Like a lot of other things, once you’re in it, you’ll find it’s pretty easy to do OK, as long as you’re not a primadonna about it all. You get in a catalog or two, and you’re set for the year!

I’m dialed in with my laptop at school, and I was out of places to surf when I decided to check out this thread I created. I thought I’d reply on the recent replies. First, thanks for replying and sending me your feedback. It’s nice to get opinions and positive comments! :smile: I had a chest/stomach waxing done on the weekend and my skin was numb for two days. VERY painful, but I feel great and my confidence is up. I just got a new job doing graveyard shifts and so now I’m not as happy a camper and don’t have the enthusiam to model or do anything else with my life for the time being. Maybe the better summer days ahead will change my optimism and steer my goals back into modeling once again. I’m sure these are temporary “new job blues”. Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my pic, Andrea. I’m actually 10% body fat. I don’t think a person could survive at 1%. Professional body builders are typically 5 or 6%. But I have a high sugar/carb diet so I have no intentions of giving my fav’ foods up just for absolute physical “perfection”, as some see it.

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Now that you’ve entered the world of waxed chests, you will find that exfoliation and moisturizing are extremely important. The trick is to find the right mix for your skin type that will avoid both ingrowns and breakouts.