Rotary Epilators & Traction Alopecia

Hair pulling and traction alopecia seem to show that if it isn’t stopped in time that it could lead to permanent alopecia. In that case would a rotary epilator cause permanent alopecia, considering that a person keeps on epilating until there was no growth. I know it’s painful, but if you stuck it out, would it cause permanent alopecia ( Baldness)? Heres some info off the net…

What do you guys think? :roll_eyes:

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That is the hypothesis I was going for by committing myself to these torture machines. I think it was working, but I can’t take it any longer. As I already posted - too many ingrowns and permanent bumps and shadows (okay, maybe not permanent once you stop pulling!). :roll_eyes:

Regarding the second post…

I have the same problem with shadow. The regrowth of the epilated hair seems to be much more visible underneath the skin than the normal (after shaving) hair at the skin surface.

I’ve tried things to combat this-Tend Skin, exfoliating like a madman, trying the pull the hair out with tweezers, but nothing works. It doesn’t seem to be an ingrown hair, either, because after a few days the hair will grow out normally.

Hi Drewmartinez-- steady tugging on hair by wearing it in cornrows, ponytails, and other hair styles can indeed cause hair loss, which the site notes is usually temporary.

There is anecdotal evidence that plucking hairs in certain areas can lead to a reduction that’s permanent, but this may be more an effect of other factors like aging. There’s not much published data on the long-term effects of plucking. In most cases, your hair will probably return to normal in six months or so.

As far as problems with rotary epilators, they certainly are not right for everyone. Discoloration and ingrowns can be serious and lasting issues, especially for those with curly or thicker hair and darker skin or tanned skin.

If you are having a lot of problems, I suggest stopping until the situation resolves itself. If it takes a long time, you may find that subsequent epillation causes the condition to get worse, which means you may want to switch methods.