Roop Basran, Dream Escape, New Westminster, B.C. (WARNING!)

Another quack selling treatments with Rejuvenu’s Super Phaser Gold “transcutaneous” device. Courtesy [hairless dot com]

I am a licensed Esthetician, running a fully equipped salon. I decided to look into the hair removal system over a year ago. The machine caught my attention and I decided to invest in it. This was the best move I ever made. I bought my machine through Marion Williams, who also gave me my training. I was sent an airline ticket and a fully paid hotel reservation. My training took place at Marion’s Salon in Carlsbad, California. Her 2 day training was to my satisfaction. The training was hands on which made things easy to remember. Marion is an EXCELLENT instructor, who is very enthusiastic and positive. I still to this day call Marion when I have a question and she also calls me to keep in touch on any updates.
My top service is the hair removal machine. I would say it is more than 75% of my income. The results I have seen with my clients are amazing. I don’t know why this machine or form of hair removal has not swept away needle electrolysis. No-needle electrolysis is a painless procedure. All of my clients are past needle electrolysis clients who have switched to this procedure.
This machine is definitely worth the investment.

Roop Basran
Health and Wellness Day Spa
New Westminster, B.C.