Rookie doing electroylisis on chin and upper lip HELP PLEASE

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I just started thermolysis electrolysis on my chin and upper lip.
First treatment was on Jan 22 and about 45min and I used my electorysists 10.56 numbing cream or 30 min before, it was not very painful and healing seemed normal (redness, small scabs, little white things - what is technical name?)
Anyway, I skipped a week bc of my time of the month and a social event planned but we plan to do weekly.
My second session was today (feb 5) for 30 min on chin and lip and WOW it hurt a lot - not like last time. I used my docs cream this time which is RX but 2.5 lidocaine and 2.5 prilocaine.
My electro has this amazing cream that is called anesten 10.56 lidocaine. Shipped from Korea. I’m about to order 10 tubes! Anyone else know if it? Another factor, I live in NYC…
I was very cold when I came in and didn’t have time to sit with the wrap on my face fro 30min but I did apply my RX cream the hour leading up to session and took Tylenol before.
Another difference…For my first session I took Advil per my electrologists’s reco. My doctor told me Tylenol’s would be better - should not have listened to my doc!
Anyway I want to post pics and see if people have advice. I don’t understand how I post pics - can someone tell me?
My face feels much more sore this time and I could feel the needle each time this go round, I think I’m going to listen to my pod casts next round bc I think I was too anxious and tensing up today. She is using gold needles on me that are thermal bc i am allergic to needle.
She has amazing bedside manner and has incredible reviews and has been in practice for 20+ years.
Appreciate any advice on this journey. We are all in this together!

Welcome! I have a bunch of pain management tips here:

I hope they help!


Hi Tessa,
You could try squeezing a stress ball or I sometimes pinch my thumb to trick my brain where the pain is coming from. I did find the first treatments are the hardest, once the course hair becomes lighter and finer the treatment wont be as painful. What machine does she use? All the best!

Make sure you are inserting directly into the hair follicles. Plus sometimes women experience more pain around menstruation.

Makes people more sensitive

Hi @Andrea - first, thanks for creating this amazing forum. Reading other people’s stories and journeys is already helping me feel better about mine.

Thanks for all the tips. Very helpful and comprehensive! So it’s unclear why this last session was so rough but I have a job interview next week so we are skipping next week. This means as of now, although we have planned on doing weekly (b/c of my period, social events and interviews) so far it’s been bi-weekly. I am OK with this.

This time around (although it felt more painful), it appears to be healing better (don’t want to jinx it but less mini scabs).

My plan when I got back 2/19 is to listen to my podcast, and bring both of my own squishy balls to squeeze.

I also ordered some pretty hardcore numbing cream from Korea that I used for the first session (from my electrologist tech) and I didn’t have for the recent one that hurt. I think this will help.

I will take advil again next (i did advil first session and tylenol second session).

@Asha - good to know that it will get better. And I used my own stress balls first time and then forgot mine and used hers this recent time. I will bring mine! I have no idea what machine she uses but I can ask - we do use the gold needle on me (b/c I am allergic to nickel) and they are thermal needles.

@Joyce_Mcquatt I am not inserting – but she is! I trust that she is doing it right. As for menstruation great tip, my electrologist and I have a system where we skip the week of my period - it’s just not worth the pain.

how do you add an image? does it have to be a link?

Thanks EVERYONE!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Adding an image is easy! Just drag and drop, use the upload icon when composing a post (it’s the one with an arrow pointing up), or insert the link.

To help heal faster, I have a few tips here:

The most important thing to do right now is to keep the area clean and do not pop any blisters or pick any scabs. Continue to use a mild cleanser and 100% aloe vera gel with no menthol. Avoid sunlight in that area and consider using a triple antibiotic ointment to keep the skin as bacteria-free as possible.

After the inflammation has gone down, I recommend getting some silicone sheeting to help mitigate long-term effects if you have concerns about scarring.