Roll on vs. other


I’m new at this and am in the market to get a waxing kit. Is it better to get the little tubs of wax or is a roll on wax just as good? :confused: Also, any suggestions on brands?

Thanks in advance! :smile:


Hey Ferrets:

Since you can’t buy the green wax that the professionals use, I found the next best one is Sergi-Wax. Most drug stores carry it.
It has almost the same adheavsiveness qualities as the green wax.
All you do is nuke it till it has the consistency of a paste.
Apply with a stick. It comes with thin popcicle sticks but Michiels(sp) has bigger and more pratical popcicle sticks.
Since you guys don’t have any experience with waxing, the gud ole trail and error method will be used till you get the hang of it.
Of course, if you get waxed by a professional the first time, you can see the correct techniques.

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Thanks… that’s very helpful! Well I’m off to the beauty supply store! :smile: