Rockville: Electrolysis Associates

<B>Electrolysis Associates</B><BR>
Sandra E. Levine, LE
636 Goldsborough Drive<BR>
Rockville, MD 20850<BR>
(301) 424-2760<p>

Office Hours:<br>
Day, Eve., Weekends - On-Time Appointments

Office Rates:<br>
Student/Senior Discounts

[li]Male and Female Patients[/li][li]Sterile, Disposable Needles[/li] [li]Experience: 28 years/referring Physicians [/li] [li]Consultation: FREE Office Visit and Mini-Treatment[/li][li]Information: Patient Mailer, Includes Map and Gift Certficate[/li][li]Location: Near Rte. 270, exit 6-A or Rte. 355 near Montgomery College[/li] [li]Treatment: Topical Anestethics, Thermolysis, in a private office.[/li] [li]Visit our website for more information:[/li][/LIST]