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Emancipated Electrolysis, LLC
758 South Ave
Rochester, NY 14620


Office hours by appointment
Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 9am-6pm
Tuesday/Thursday 12pm-9pm

Bulk discounts and referral credit available

At Emancipated Electrolysis, LLC, we specialize in removing the toughest of hair. We work on EVERYONE regardless of race, orientation, gender, the location you are concerned about, or the difficulty of your hair and are experienced in all modalities of electrolysis. We are very trans* friendly and proud to work with the Trans* Alliance of Greater Rochester, in helping to develop training programs for businesses that want to employ trans* individuals or see them as clients.

At our office, we treat you like we would want to be treated. You will find that:

We are professional and hygienic, using the same sterilization protocols that you will find at your dentist’s office
We are discrete and confidential, doing our best to ensure no appointments overlap
We are committed to providing the best quality and service possible
We will recommend services from other businesses, like laser removal, if we feel you may benefit from it, because your satisfaction and trust means more than our profits
We are absolutely judgement free