RJC2001 how is that ppx treatment?

have you seen sheding?
any news?

It’s been five weeks since my PPx treatment. I don’t feel stubble until two days after I shave, which is better than before. I’m not seeing much hair on my blade after shaving the lower legs. I skipped shaving for two days and there was not much visible hair. I can feel some stubble though. Much of the remaining hair is very light. There is definitely less dark hair than there was before the treatment. However, some hair could still come back in the next 3 weeks based on my past experience.

There is a definite difference in the amount of hair on my upper compared to my lower legs, with the lower legs having less hair.

My practitioner is probably going to buy or lease the PPx, so I will be able to get more treatments on it. I want to try it on my arms next.


You know there is a guy on another forum that has been treated 3-4 weeks ago on his beard with ppx. He also said that he didnt feel pain and his face wasn’t swollen nor red after treatemnt. the problem is his hair is still growing and not one of tha hair has shed. i can’t believe that this machine simply doesn’t work at all