Hi RJC2001, I was wondering if you could update your results with the Aurora. Some Doctors are claiming that the Aurora works no better than an ordinary IPL, and that FULL REGROWTH occurs after about 4 months. This has definitely not been my experience, but I wonder if you have any comment. Have you been able to observe results from last Aurora treatment past the 4 month mark, and if so did you see regrowth? Thanks in advance for your response.

What has been your experience with the Aurora laser?

Hi redhead,

I would definitely disagree that there is full regrowth after 4 months. I have not had any long-term hair removal treatments during the summer. For example, I have had 2 treatments on my arms last year and 1 so far this year. The hair on my arms is about 60-70% gone. I have one more treatment for the arms before I stop for the summer. After I had two treatments last year, any regrowth that occurred happened within 2 months and remained steady after that. About 40% of the hair remained gone AND DID NOT GROW BACK! For 8 months, the amount of hair regrowth remained steady.

Just because some doctors say there will be full regrowth doesn’t mean it will happen. Maybe it happens for patients that are undertreated. Keep in mind that I am treated at near maximum fluence. The maximum RF fluence available increased this year for the Aurora. I am being treated at the higher levels and I do see even better results.

The Aurora worked great on my arms with little scabbing even though the skin is dark there. The skin on my lower legs is even darker and the Aurora caused scabbing on the test spot so I ruled it out for that area. On my upper legs, which are a little bit lighter in color, the results appear to be better. Too early to tell about long-term results though.

I was going to have a test spot done with the Sciton 1064 on my lower legs but the laser broke down before I could get that done. That may have to wait until next year.

The Aurora did not seem to work so well on my chest hair, the little bit that remains, especially on the sides. The hairs that remain there exit the skin at an angle and appear to be have deeper follicles. The hairs removed there seem to be quite a bit longer. Also many of the hairs are white. The Aurora did seem to get some of the white hairs but not like electrolysis. I would also point out that the Lightsheer had similar results in the chest side area. I will finish the chest and abs with electrolysis and may continue that through the summer. I may not need that many more treatments.

The Aurora did work on the back but not as well as on the arms. I am trying the Sciton there for comparison purposes. The upper part of my back and shoulders are quite dark and the Sciton may prove better there.

My practitioner seems to favor the Lightsheer and Sciton and then the Aurora. She says that the Aurora works for many people but some have gone back to the Lightsheer. And the Sciton is used on skin that is simply too dark for the Aurora. When the Sciton broke down only my left lower back needed treatment so the Lightsheer is good to use there.
The Lightsheer is bulletproof and never breaks down.

So in the last two weeks I have used the Aurora, the Sciton, and the Lightsheer, along with electrolysis. I’ve declared total war on body hair and I’m winning. AND IT IS NOT GOING TO ALL GROW BACK!

So yes, the Aurora does work, and it worked long term for me. It does not work equally well on all areas, but neither does any other laser.



Do you stop treatments durring the summer for a reason?

Good question. I stop treatments during the summer because my skin gets too tan. Laser and IPL do not work very well on tanned skin and burns can result. My practitioner does not treat tannes skin with the Aurora or Lightsheer. With the Sciton I’m not sure.

The Sciton 1064 Ns:YAG is supposed to be OK to use on tanned skin. Hairfetish posts on here and is experienced in using the Nd:YAG (Coolglide). Hairfetish, do you use the Coolglide on tanned skin? If so, do you have to turn the fluence way down?


I thought the Aurora was made for darker skin and safe on all skin types? That’s what the company literature says?

The Aurora can be used on darker skin types, but if the skin gets real dark, like on my lower legs, then a lower fluence level had to be used. And lower fluences may not be as effective.

My practitioner said that she could try a lower fluence on my legs, but that it will most likely be less effective. I will try the Sciton some time, maybe next year. Fortunately, my legs aren’t as hairy as my chest and back were.

The skin on my arms is not quite as dark as on my legs and the Aurora is working fine there. And the Aurora does very well on fine and lighter hairs.

BTW, the Lightsheer makes the same claim about being useable on all skin types and hair colors.