hello rjc

Seems like you’ve done alot of lasering.Have you done your whole body ?What percentage appx have you removed ?

Can you give a rundown of all the lasers you’ve used and rate them ?

What type skin do you have and hair ?

Sorry if you’ve answer these ?'s before.Thanks.


Sorry to take so long inrelying. I typed out a reply over the weekend and it disappeared because I hit a shortcut key by mistake.

I have had my chest, abs, back, and arms treated with laser. My latest treatments have been with the Aurora IPL/RF system. I have only had one treatment on my forearms and that was with the Aurora. I had about 30% clearance after one treatment which I consider acceptable.

About 90 percent of my back hair is gone compared to when I started and about 95% of my chest hair. When I started I had so much chest hair that I could not see my skin if I let it grow wild. It was like wearing a wool sweater in the summer, extremely hot and uncomfortable. I had 50% clearance on my chest after the first laser treatment, and that was with the Apogee.

As the hairs that regrow often become finer and lighter they are more difficult to treat. The solutions to that problem include using higher fluences and newer more effective lasers.

After the Apogee, I switched to the Lightsheer as my practitioner upgraded equipment. It worked better on finer hairs than the Apogee and felt like it was reaching deeper into the follicles. The Lightsheer can operate at higher fluences too up to 60J.

This year I decided to try the Aurora to get the finer and lighter hairs that remained. So far it seems to work very well. There is less redness and swelling than with the lasers, especially on darker skin. BTW, I am a type 4. Because the Aurora resulted in less scabbing, I decided to be more bold and get my lower arms done too. I am very happy with the results. I work out with weights and being hairless makes your muscles look bigger and more well defined. Plus it is a lot more comfortable.

My plan is to get my legs done next and then maybe the beard. My main goal with the beard is to make it easer and take less time to shave and be able to skip a day when I feel like it. If all the beard is removed in the process that would be OK.

I have had straggler hairs, mosty white ones, removed with electrolysis and it is a great follow up to laser.

I would rate the Aurora first, with the Lightsheer a close second. The Aurora has worked better on my upper arms than the Lightsheer. It seems to work a little bit better on fine hairs than the Lighsheer plus there is less post treatment redness and swelling. The Lightsheer works though and is very powerful. With light skin the Lightsheer may be preferable because you can really crank up the fluence up to 60J. My skin is too dark to go up to 60, I went up to 45.

I would rate the Apogee 3rd. It is older technology. It is more painful and there is more post treatment redness and swelling. It is effective though and I had dramatic results in the first 2 treatments on my back and chest. One advantage of the Apogee is that the hair falls out sooner. Some hairs you can hear them pop when they fly right out of the follicle.

Hope this helps.