Ripped Off-PleaseHelp

I was ripped off for $3000 from Global Electrolysis Supply…I am trying to build a case against them and I need more instances where people have had bad expereinces…please. It is almost to a class-action status as it is, I plan on getting this resolved and my money back, and wish I could explain how to those who may falter at sharing their experience. However, I know that the people behind this scam are also watching this site and I cannot divulge that yet. Please help me and each other to stop these people once and for all.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email @ so you remain anonymous to everybody but the people we need to know. Thank you and God Bless

Go to:

I wish you all the best. I hope you get to sew them or at least get all your money back.

If you are in the states, write to your local auterny general’s office and file a suite. I was stunned at how effective and fast their services were in Philadelphia when i had a wrong $300.00 bill from T-mobile that one one would help me with.

Happy new years day!

Thank you so much for this information!!!
This is not going to go away and I absolutely promise all of you that we will be back when this is all over with a victory…we’re not stopping at our money loss w/ a settlement offer, we are taking this nationwide…whether we lose money or not, it just doesn’t matter. These people will be in prison w/ huge fines. God bless.

Don’t forget to go after them on Ebay. They have numerous aliases there, the most laughable if it were not so deceptive being “MedicalEquipmentBroker”

If you type in Electrolysis in the search function on Ebay, you will get a bunch of listings for their crap.

We already have cut into their sales enough that they are not using Medical Equipment Broker as much, and have switched to Buy it Now auctions, because people stopped bidding hard on their junk.

Now if only they could be taken off Ebay entirely.

If you want to find other victums just go to Ebay, check out their multiple screen names, and go through the list of past buyers, and send them a note. You will no doubt get a host of members of your class.

How do you find out people’s multiple names on e-bay?

Ah, my child, this is one of the problems with going out into the woods. The wolves are out there, and you don’t know from where they lurk.

On Ebay, it is not all that hard to create yourself multiple names, and identities. However, crooks are never satisfied with the perfect crime. They get greedy. So they keep running the same scam many times, and even get sloppy as the scam works again and again.

The simple advice is to watch for a little while and see who is selling the same stuff, with the same ad, week after week. Frequently, they don’t even go to the trouble of changing the location of the items sold.

There is even one scammer on Ebay right now who is selling counterfit Air Beds under the name of the Select Comfort Brand, but when you buy, and he has your money, he sends you his cheap imitation bed and even if you do return it, you are out the shipping costs (to the tune of $300 or more) and he hits you with a restocking fee. His ads plainly say that no one will be allowed to come for local pickup, will only ship the product, even if the guy next door buys one.

This guy got so sloppy in his scammer ads, that he even had the same ad running twice in the same week, when the ads both say that he is selling a good as new bed from his cabin on the lake (used only 2 weeks last year)because he is upgrading to a King Mattress. Are we to believe that he has a cabin with two bedrooms with queen sized beds, and he is replacing BOTH with Kings so that they both can be ignored 50 weeks out of the year? He did not even bother to use two different ebay seller names on the ads!

When it comes to MedicalEquipmentBroker and all his other aliases, you just see that it is the same ad, multiple insertions, selling the same product, for the same price in the buy it now, and for the same starting bid on the regular auctions. Could five different people all come up with the same ad, selling the same product, all brand new without there being some connection between them?

Thank G-d for the propensity of normal humans to be lazy.

yeah… i read about that air bed scam. it’s one guy that pretends to be a large company, but when you call, all the departments lead to him <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

“Medicalequipmentbroker” is at it again on Ebay. The latest “scientific breakthrough” is

Anti-Androgen Hair Removal Spray! Just spritz on, and unwanted hair is a memory!

People are really falling for this stuff, and Ebay won’t do a damn thing about it.