Ripped Off-Please Help

I was ripped off for $3000 from Global Electrolysis Supply…I am trying to build a case against them and I need more instances where people have had bad expereinces…please. It is almost to a class-action status as it is, I plan on getting this resolved and my money back, and wish I could explain how to those who may falter at sharing their experience. However, I know that the people behind this scam are also watching this site and I cannot divulge that yet. Please help me and each other to stop these people once and for all.

Thank uou for posting this information. I was looking to purchase a $3,000. Laser machine from them. I wondered how efficient it would work for the money. I have paid twice $750.00 per treatment for legs and underarms. I had hoped to save money, however if it does not work it is not worth it. The web site makes it sound so reputable. I wish you luck in resolving this issue.