"Ripped off" by laser

From a reader:


I recently discovered Hair Facts, and I am very impressed at the work you have put into it. I wish I had seen that site a year ago.

I am a male to female transexual. For roughly the past year, I have been going to a clinic for Laser Hair Removal. I had 6 sessions on my chest and 11 on my face. The chest hair has grown back, and most of the facial hair is still present. (There has been some reduction in facial hair.) I have stopped going- I brought up some complaints about the quality of service I was having, and some information came out that seemed very questionable.

Of most contention is the issue of maitenance treatments- I was told recently that maintenance treatments are common for every 6 months or a year, but I was never told anything about this when I started treatment. My consent form makes no mention of it. (The closest it comes is “Multiple treatments may be required for permanent hair reduction.” All I thought is that it takes 6+ treatments. They do mention the maitenance treatments on their website.

I want to get some of my money back. Can you help me? What advice do you have?

As I mention on my site Transsexual Road Map, laser hair removal is unlikely to be enough by itself to remove all of your androgen-driven facial hair.

If you are on anti-androgens, that can help, but most women in our community require completion with electrolysis. Laser is kind of diminishing returns. After a year, you will probably not see significant improvement beyond what you have now. For reasons not yet understood, not everyone responds to laser hair removal, and the lighter your hair gets with each treatment, the less effective laser is. Most people see a reduction of one-third to two-thirds of hair, and the rest has to be zapped.

While you may be able to talk them into some free maintenance, it’s hard to say without reading your contract. Most places make no guarantees of results, though if you are diplomatic about making your dissatisfaction known, many will be willing to help out. It’s unlikely you will be able to get any money back unless you have some sort of results guaranteed in writing.

I recommend considering switching to electrolysis on your face and doing any maintenance you can get from them on your chest and body. Darker the hair, the better with laser.

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My experience has been similar to what Andrea mentions here. I did ten laser sessions on my face and now am finishing with electrolysis at 90 hours and counting.

Some people claim very good results with laser, but I consider them lucky. The face is a tough area to clear with laser. It helped somewhat, but no where near enough.
I could not see myself continually doing laser after paying for sessions and then using up my free touch ups.I am getting it on my arms however since reduction is what I am aiming for.

I am happy with my face now though. I could not have gone full time without getting the electro done. It is hard to cover a 5 o’clockshadow, and that dark color of the beard shadow that lies under the skin.

I really didn’t find that the anti androgens helped the face a lot other than maybe slowing the rate of growth down. Maybe it helped in slowing new growth however. They help with the body hair after a long time.


It is similar to a letter I just got from Mike Bono recently. Read for yourself.

From Mike Bono
To James W. Walker VII, CPE

As for laser hair removal, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Almost 10 years ago, I had a very contemptuous patient, an engineer who thought he knew everything about everything. After a few hours of electrolysis, he denounced me and said that he would be going for laser hair removal. I was “old technology” and would soon be out of business.

I’d seen “Jason” several times over the years, but we never spoke about hair removal; I assumed he was satisfied. And, then today! I saw him at the beach and he casually asked me if I was still doing electrolysis. I said “yes,” but I’m getting a bit cranky and am not as eager as I used to be.

Seems he tried virtually EVERY laser treatment on the market today — I mean everything!!! Even the new HF + Laser (the latest thing). In his own words: “the laser does not work at all. The only areas I have clear, are the ones you did 10 years ago! Yeah, the hairs stay off for
a long time, but eventually they all grow back.”

Finally, this is the evidence I need to reinforce my beliefs: laser does not produce permanent results for MOST people. Indeed, some people seem to get results … but, I have not personally met any happy people. Remember, this guy was the most aggressive person I have ever met on
his quest for hair removal. Indeed, he tried all the methods over the last 10 years. It was everything I had to not say: I TOLD YOU SO!!


Hi James:

That Jason sounds like his own worst enemy and I suppose his attitude is his achilles heel.

I started with laser on my face, but it wasn’t satisfactory considering my needs. Since that I switched to the so called outdated(according to Jason) technology of electrolysis and after 90 hours of that I am satisfied with the results.

Electrolysis works if people have the patience to stick with the plan. If they are too impatient such as Jason, then they are throwing good money after bad.