Rio Salon Laser Hair removal


I jus wanted to know has anyone used the Rio system, Rio is a fairly well known brand and sold at known retailers in the UK which is why I doubt they would be scams.

Here is the link for it:


If anyone can recommend or discourage against buying this product I would greatly appreciate it. Personal experience would be helpful too.


I have Not used this “LASER” system. A BIG RED FLAG on this website states that the RIO is permanent, painless, inexpensive. There is no LASER safe for home use. There is no such LASER that is effective for home use. Another RED FLAG is citing clinical studies. The clinical studies were most likely NOT done using this product. They are totally misleading the consumer on several fronts.

the general consensus on these forums is that these home machines don’t work. they don’t have enough power to actually kill any hair permanently. there have been no postings of success with any of them on these forums by consumers, only negative posts with no results.

ok thanks,

you jus saved me 100 quid, guess ill stick to waxing!