Rio Home Laser System

I bought a Rio Home Laser System and I can’t get it to work. I have read the instructions a million times and it just isn’t doing anything. Can somebody give me some tips? Or did I just get suckered out of $150?

run a search here. there aren’t any positive reviews for any home machines. general consensus = they don’t work.

I just looked at and (sites for the Rio product you mentioned). There are a couple of things that concerned me immediately.

  1. The company is based in England, not in the US, in the US they would require FDA approval to say “permanent hair reduction”. I mention this because it leads to my next statements.

  2. There is no mention of pulse durations, fluencies, cooling method anywhere on their two websites. There is almost zero technical information. For all their product could be an 808nm LED source and not an actual laser. The results of the studies they listed are all from 800-810nm diode lasers with a collimated beam; from my research it makes a difference.

  1. The PDF “user manual” has an image saying the product is a class 3B laser. defines laser classes for British products (and classes in the US are very similar). For a class 3b laser, 500mw is the maximum for this class of product. 500mw is the same strength as “therapeutic” or LLLT lasers. (500mw = .5W which is the same strength as most laser pointers) If you look at lumenis’s lightsheer PDF ( ), in the bottom right you will see it is a class 4 laser product, as are all other lasers approved for permanent hair reduction, and they can only be sold to physicians.

The manual also says they engineered out any possible damage to the eye, but the manual states against any use on the face, I assume for just this reason. If you read the 3b classification, a 3b laser is capable of damaging the eye.

I would return the product.