Rio Electrolysis Hair Remover.

Hi, has anyone tried the Rio Electrolysis Hair Remover? Thinking of getting one, just wanted to get some feedback first…


Electric tweezer ‘electrolysis’ does not work. See the forum

Please don’t waste your money. Electrolysis requires that you insert a fine probe into the follicle. The Rio device is not true electrolysis.

I gather you’re in Ireland? I have heard good things about The Catherine Hayes clinic

I actually think I had one of thee things, paid about a dollar for it at the salvation army store. Thing is, hair does not conduct electricity, and so, tweezers dont work. It’s not possible to get enough current into the local area that is needed from the surface without, as MH1212 points out sticking a probe into the follicle.They are junk.

Hi, thanks for your help. Yes, I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I have been to a professional, having treatment on my chin area for about 8 months now, twice a week! … Things have improved a lot, most of the hair is gone, there is just the odd ones that pop out now and again and I’d like to be able to treat them myself… I’ll steer clear of the Rio… Again, thanks for your help!


The professional electrologists usually wouldn’t recommend that you try to treat your own face - insertions are difficult to master and from what I’ve heard it can be difficult to insert accurately on your own chin in particular.

Best thing is just to trim the hairs until your next appointment. The closest thing to a home electrolysis machine at the same price point as the Rio is the One Touch. Again, I wouldn’t recommend it though. It does work - a hair I treated on my leg has never grown back - BUT, it is cumbersome and has a very large, fiddly probe which makes insertions difficult and I’d highly doubt that many people could insert into facial hair using it. I threw mine away as do most people - don’t waste your money.

Good luck, I think it was around the 6-8 month mark when I could really see the difference and dropped to fortnightly treatments. My face was pretty much done after 18 months or so (eyebrows, upper lip and chin).

under the chin.Actually pretty much anywhere beneath the jawline. And nope, some of the pro’s here support DIY’ers.

I’ve been doing DIY for the last few months with the one touch… I’m having about 99% success rate, my issue is with the depth! How far do I insert the probe?.. I usually just insert it as far as I can without any discomfort.

I dont know how well the advice I am about to give will work with the one touch, but here is essentially the method you should be looking at to determine depth.

You want the end of the probe at the bottom of the hair follicle adjacent to the hair root. So here’s how you at first can determine that the insertion depth is about right. First it’s by feel. If you are inserting carefully you will be able to tell the bottom of the follicle, especially with a probe as wide as that of the one touch . I dont know whether the spring mechanism will interfere with this sensation. Treat the follicle as you normally would but dont remove the hair until the end. Use your tweezers to grasp the hair as close to the skin’s surface as possible grasp it firmly and slide it out without letting the hair out of the tweezers grasp. Now compare the probe under magnification to the hair you just removed. The inserted length should be approximately the same distance as from the tweezer to the hair root. Often after a couple of insertions, you will see a lye crust build up on the probe at just the right distance. Use this as your depth guide.


Hi Zap, thank for the reply… Your advice ‘this time’ doesn’t help me … Trying to measure the extracted hair against the needle is impossible with the OT… I just insert and hope for the best, I get so much satisfaction when I remove a hair and see the shealth attached to the hair…:slight_smile:

Is it just ‘one Zap’ and the hair is gone? Or do you have to get the hair it in a certain stage of growth to kill the hair permentely with electrolysis ?

when the hair slides out of the follicle with no resistance, it’s done. This could take a long time with just galvanic from the one touch