Rhode Island referral

From a reader in January 2004
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I’d like to provide your readers with a resource in New
England for extremely effective hair removal for any
and all clients. I am a pre-op male to female
transsexual and need to have my pubic area cleared
before surgery. The women at RI Skin Doc, located in
Warwick, Rhode Island, are very professional and
accommodating. You can tell these women know how to
treat people and make the till turn at the same time.

I had previously removed 99% of my facial hair with
about 25 EpiLight (intense pulsed light) treatments
over a period of about 2 years. Recently, I experienced
the advanced
technology of the GentleLASE (Alexandrite) laser for
hair removal on my public area. Like Epilight,
the hair all falls out about 10 days after the
treatment, but the process was much faster, less
painful, and didn’t have lots of messy gel. The
GentleLase machine recharges instantly and delivers a
shot of laser about an inch in diameter, while
simultaneously shooting a mist of cooling spray on the
area. She can cover the entire pubic area with lots of
overlap in just a few minutes. I’d say she hit each
hair an average of 2.5 times and it took 15 minutes.
This was from the anus to the navel, and included the
bikini side areas.

I am very white, so she could have used more juice, but
she wanted to start at the minimum of 10 Jules just to
be safe. Even though I’ve gotten 40 Jules on my upper
lip, I agreed to the lower intensity, as it was my
first time there and I didn’t want to go against the
grain (pun intended). At only 10 Jules, there was no
pain,and all of the treated follicles fell at around 10
days post-treatment. Kristin estimates 4-6 treatments
for permanent removal of 99% of the follicles, although
she didn’t word it exactly that way, for legal reasons.
She is a licensed esthetician and after 2 years
administering EpiLight, she’s convinced that the
GentleLASE (Alexandrite) laser system is far superior.

They charge by the area, $200 for first area
treatments, then $100 per treatment on that area for
4-6 treatments. Any maintenance over the next few years
is $75 per area session. I have not shaved my face in 2
years, and except for a few blond follicles near my
chin (that I tweeze), the Epilight was totally
effective in converting my Black, dense, coarse beard
hair into tiny blond vellus (sp?) hairs after about 10
The GentleLASE (Alexandrite) laser is a vast
improvement over the Epilight (IPL), I am convinced.

My Esthetician, Kristin, is very cool, and totally hip
on doing the procedure wherever a person wants it, no
weird looks or attitudes. RI SkinDoc is a very
professional facility that I would recommend to anyone.

Please see their page on the hair removal technology
http://www.riskindoc.com/ipl_laser_therapy_unwanted_hair.html </font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>