RF and Galvanic

hey, i live in a place where electrologists are not required to be licensed. however, the electrologist that i am now seeing has successfully completed courses to operate the machine she uses. Her machine does both RF and Galvanic. I believe RF is just too much for my face although she is better than the last person i was seeing. It’s been a week and i still have redness and the “windburn” look. is this normal? should i ask her to use galvanic if she is capable?

Most people can enjoy good treatment from any modality. Unless it is beyond the limits of her machine to find the comfortable setting that works and doesn’t leave your skin more worse for wear than you would like, she should be able to fine tune the settings a little in order to get something more workable.

It may also be that you are getting a lot of work done in a small space of time, and things will be much less of a problem in a few weeks once your number of hairs per square inch drop to smaller number, and one is not experiencing so much irritation centered at so many sites so close together.
There are some rare cases where a person has a problem with one modality or another (some people are allergic to lye for example) but in most cases, simply tweaking the settings is all one would need. (keep in mind modern machines have more available tweaks)

her certificate says she successfully completed the courses needed to operate her Instantron electrolysis machine. Since this is so should she not also be able to successfully do Galvanic instead of just RF? The reason i ask is because the last person i was seeing did thermolysis as well and it also damaged a bit of skin around my face. Luckily its healing but still there. I was just thinking maybe galvanic might be a little better on my face, and thermolysis on other areas not so delicate.

Just galvanic takes minutes to destroy a hair. Therefore, it is usually done using many needles which is called multi needle. The blend is a combination of both thermolysis and galvanic. Her machine may do all three, but she may not be comfortable using all. Each takes some special knowledge.

In an unlicensed state, it does become more important to look for voluntary certifications. The CPE, PCE, CCE and others are good for this. Just keep in mind that whereas the CPE is the best test for knowing that the electrologist who took the test, actually took the test with the knowledge in her/his head on test day, no certification can say that you have an electrologist who is actually good with a probe. All these tests are for book knowledge, and not hands on technique. (this is because it would be most difficult to give each test taker the same treatment task to evaluate them on at least until we can get artificial human skin and hairs to work on :stuck_out_tongue: )

Once again, this is why we say it is important to get as many sample treatments and consultations as you can.

Thanks. Its just that the mode she’s using now has left my skin red, dots on my face, and my face feeling warm and sort of feverish ever since. This is not nearly as bad as what the last one had done, i just don’t know what to do though.