Revolutionary New Hair Removal Method


The local ABC TV news affiliate is going to run a story on a new revolutionary hair removal method either Monday or Tuesday evening July 29-30, 2002.

Andrea, do you have any idea what it might be? Until I hear more I have to be skeptical. The last revolutionary method reported on WGN-TV and on WebMd was microwave and we know how that turned out!

I still can’t get over how MW Medical fooled even Laser Focus World magazine who said that microwave hair removal was expected to take away market share from laser hair removal manufacturers.

I’ll report back if I hear anything on this “new” method.

I wonder if I should post this in any other forums.



Reporters aren’t always the smartest people in the world, and those news teasers are written by folks who are supposed to spike the ratings. If it were that revolutionary and new, they’d be talking about it tonight.

As you mention, reporters get two stories in one with new hair removal methods. First, they regurgitate the press release put out by the manufacturer, then later, they regurgitate the press release put out by people like me who debunk the original press release. Most of them are too lazy to even to out and get some dissenting opinions.

We’re pretty much on our own in today’s corporatized media climate.

Thanks for the heads up, and if I find anything out, I’ll let you know.


Well, I saw the storyon the evening news and it turned out to be about transdermal hair removal. What a joke!

Andrea, you’re right about the corporatization of the news media. The news media is not a good source for information about hair removal. The TV news media seems especially gullible.

It wasn’t too long ago that the local TV news media was touting the benefits of the Soft-Light laser.

That being said, I did find out about my current laser practitioner from a newspaper ad. But at least the ad made sense and didn’t make any ridiculous claims.

The information on these forums and on your hair removal site will help us separate fact from fiction.

How expensive is transdermal hair removal anyways?



RJC, transdermal treatments usually cost 50+ bucks an hour.

Machines cost $3000 to $9000. They are really selling the machines as a home business, not the hair removal per se. All they have to do is get someone to buy the machine, becuase that person will treat people onnce or twice, and then that person will ask how much the machine is and start doing the numbers on how if they bought their own it would pay for itself quickly, especially if they gave treatments to friends…

See how it works? It’s like envelope stuffing or any other home-based business scheme.

Could you post or email me details about where you saw this “news” report? I’d like to have a chat with their general manager.