Revitol - misuse of hairfacts logo?

Hey All,

Since I’m a poor college student and currently don’t have money for laser or electrolysis, I’ve been searching for something else I can use temporarily until I’ve saved my pennies. I was looking at depilatories, and found a site for a company called Revitol. I had thought I’d heard of the company before, but maybe I’m thinking of Revlon. Maybe that’s the point. Anyway, the depilatory is a cream, and doesn’t claim to be permanent, just quick and 100% effective and all that other stuff that usually isn’t true. I searched, and found very little, only one online review, which was extremely positive, which made me more than a little suspicious. Also, the product is not available on Amazon, which made me wonder also. So, my questions are:

  1. Does anyone know anything about this product? Unless someone has used it successfully, I plan to stay away.

2)This website:

has the “HairFacts” logo proudly displayed, so at first I thought maybe HairFacts had tried it and endorsed it. After checking HairFacts directly, I found that was of course not the case. Anyway, I didn’t know if the logo is just a generic logo or what, but if it is being used without permission for purposes of misrepresentation, I just wanted to call it to everyone’s attention.



What Scum!

Thanks for being our eyes and ears.

I’ll write up that scam sometime soon. Spam sites are starting to do a lot of this kind of linkspam.

Thanks for the heads up!

Oh gosh, I hate Revitol! I just used it recently and it did NOT do what it was claimed to do. It was just like Nair or any other hair removal cream. BUT the only thing is that it takes a lot longer time to work and is WAY more expensive. I had to sell the rest of my remaining bottle on ebay since I was NOT going to use it. ONce again, I feel so sad for being cheated AGAIN… ARR…