Revitol Hair Removal Cream

Has anyone tried this product I know that 99% of these creams are totally BS, but Revitol is actually a company I’ve heard of. I’m not really looking to be hairless just thin my hair out because I have thick black hair that grows out very quickly. Any help would be nice. I’ve seen on this message boards that the best way to go is laser treatment but I don’t have the money for that at the moment so I hope this will get me by till then.

A depilatory hair removal cream does not thin the hair out, it actually disolves all the hair a little below the skin. It can also irritate the skin with its harsh chemicals. In turn, being that it irritates the skin, hair can become stronger in order to protect the skin.

You can try it and see what goes for your situation. Where is the hair located?


Its all over face, legs, arms, chest and back. If you say that Revitol would only make the hair stronger do you know of a product that would make my hair not as thick and not grow back as quickly as it does. At the moment when I shave my face I get a stubble by the end of the day I just want to try and thin that hair out and not have to shave so often. Thanks

I’m sorry, but aside from laser and electrolysis, there really isn’t anything that would be effective. I’m hopeful that there will be some helpful product some day soon.

I was searching for reviews on this product myself when I came across this exchange, while Revitol Hair Removal Cream is nominally a “depilatory” this is what their website says:

  1. Is Revitol Hair Removal Cream a permanent solution to unwanted body hair?
    NO. Revitol Hair Removal Cream is not a permanent solution to unwanted body hair. When Revitol Hair Removal Cream is used as directed, it will slow the rate of hair growth, eventually removing hair from growing back. Continued use is necessary to maintain hair free skin. top

  2. How long does Revitol Hair Removal Cream take to work?
    Use Revitol Hair Removal Cream according to directions, and you should see results within a month. (Results may vary) top

  3. If I stop using Revitol Hair Removal Cream will my hair grow back?
    YES. If you stop using Revitol Hair Removal Cream your hair will slowly grow back within 10 to 12 weeks. (Results may vary) top

Pretty straightforward, non-deceptive claim which isn’t bad if true, other reviews I have found (use google) seem to reinforce that “hey, we thinks it works”! Being all natural & not-so-irritating like the others I suppose, being a MtF TG myself, it would sure beat shaving in the meantime until “other, more permanent” solutions can be worked out.

Might just let ya’s know, can certainly get it cheaper (again google) than what “the official” website is asking, I positively HATE SHAVING everyday, what else can I say?


Sounds like a regular depilatory cream. I don’t see where it says or claims how it slows down the growth. If you want to slow down growth, Vaniqa can do that, but with continued use. Considering how expensive it is, it’s cheaper to get the hair permanently removed.

[size:14pt]#2, #3, #4 says ??? How ? ? ? Click How It Works, also “with continued use”. . . [/size]

Trust me, I am skeptical of everything but for 19.95 + shipping + possibly not shaving everyday it is worth a shot. There are no misleading, exaggerated claims here, simply facts if one reads. Revitol is a known, good product line that has recieved many favorable reviews elsewhere, the only reason I posted here at all is I hate “disinformation” when I see it.

Bottom line is: I Will Have to Let Ya Know!

It doesn’t say on that website or anywhere else how exactly it works. It’s an unsupported claim. Either way, $20 is very expensive for what it is. You can get permanent hair removal for as little as $50 per treatment on areas like underarms and bikini, meaning that after $300 you will have achieved permanent removal without the need for any creams in the future. This tiny $20 bottle will last you two weeks and will not remove the hair - only make it grow back just a bit slower if it actually works like Vaniqa. So do the math.

Since the only way to achieve permanent hair removal without electrolysis or LASER would be to build up scar tissue in the follicle or surrounding skin, ths type of product can’t work without scarring. I assume scarring would be unacceptable.

Scalding the skin would work, but there too, one would have scarring.

If you want to pay $20 for 50 cents worth of cream, go right ahead, but do come back to tell us how that worked out for you.

But has anyone out there actually used this product? I can’t find any other reference to Revitol on the main list. It’s nearly two years since Kieratoo posted and the responses are from non-users. I repeat my question and can I get a response from an actual customer who is submiting a un-solicited review.

I dont know about the revitol cream but i started to use hair-nix and it works well after about a month. i didnt think it was working at all but i had already paid for it and then i started to see it go ito action it slowed down hair growth to a stand still. i use it in combo with there other product remspring and im a satisfied customer so far.

I bought Revitol and regularly use it,the results were excellent…I bought it on the Revitol Official Web Site and what impressed me they have a refund money if you do not like that product!

I also use Revitol hair removal cream and have used it for years as an alternative to Brazilian wax … it works great and the hair regrowth is thinner and slower … I also buy from Revitol’s official site …