Review: Nair Extra Strength Roll-On for Men

Nair Extra Strength Roll-On for Men. 6 oz. size, comes in a silvery bottle with a blue cap. has a cylindrical-type roller, not a ball shaped one. To work it, you unscrew the top roller part, pull out a plug, and screw the roller part back on. After use, you replace the plug. It says to leave it on four minutes, but no longer than ten minutes.

Yesterday, I shook up the bottle, got the little roller ready, and did about a four by four inch test spot on my thigh. I left it on about five minutes. I wiped it off with a damp cloth like it instructs. It got rid of some stubble hairs, but left about half of the hair stubble still present. Today I notice that it didn’t work well. Basically, since I had to get in the shower to wash the stuff completely off, in the shower it would have taken about four seconds to shave the area with far superior results, less smell, and less expense, and more safety.

Nair Extra Strength Roll-On for Men isn’t really an effective way to manage hair. For one thing, this stuff smells really, really bad. It’s like Regular Nair without the perfume added to at least mask the odor slightly. And the perfume added to Nair for Women has always kind of reminded me of ‘Country Fresh Raid Roach Spray’ The smell just lingers everywhere. The stuff really doesn’t last longer than shaving either. However, it does add a bit of smoothness to the skin, I noticed the area was smoother to the touch despite the stubble that remained after wiping off. But at too much of a bother.

This product may be an alternative to those that really hate shaving or just get chaffed skin when shaving. I’m not sure how their skin would react to putting a strong chemical on it almost everyday, but the product is there to fill that niche market. I used about a teaspoon of the bottle in the test process, so now I have figure out a way to dispose of the unused portion that won’t endanger small animals or make the neighborhood cats look like chihuahuas.

Well i just used this on my stomach, it left a red burning sensation and a what looked like to be a rash.

But it did remove the hair well and left it smooth.

My question is though, does the hair grow back thicker and darker with Nair roll on for men, like it would with shaving?


It’s going to be identical to shaving with the one difference of the hair being only very slightly whispier near it’s tip. Like this, it doesn’t have as much of a grippy stubbly feeling as it grows out. But the whole following shaft is just the same.

Maybe it’s just me, but I just cannot deal with it’s smell. I have a female neighbor friend that uses it religiously. I gave her the bottle. She was over-joyed. Go figure.

If you have coarser hair, depilatories don’t work as well. They simply aren’t strong enough to destroy the hair. You might leave it on longer but then you run the risk of a rash or minor burns.