Retinol causing hair to come back after electrolysis

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I’ve done electrolysis for 2 years on the side of my face (sideburn area) I was cleared my electrologist said there was no more growth, and we moved on to a different area. Didn’t have a single hair for years. Now 2.5 years later after upping my skincare and using retinol and vitamin c serums as well as anti-aging creams. I’ve now started to notice small regrowth in the area that was clear. It’s very fine nothing compared like before, but it’s gotten me thinking that it could be the retinol. Retinol promotes cell turnover If anyone has experienced this? or is it normal to have some regrowth down the line as we age although I’m only 27…

If all the hair was cleared during electrolysis, then this hair you’re seeing is not regrowth. It’s new hairs, which can be expected with age, and more so if there is an underlying medical cause.

Beauty creams and serums are not penetrating into the skin deep enough to cause hair growth, and there is no scientific explanation for how they could cause hair growth if this were possible. Don’t be afraid to use them.

Since you’ve already cleared the area, it shouldn’t be a huge commitment to maintain it going forward if necessary.

I’m, right now, working on a new video debunking potions that are supposed to cause permanent hair removal. However, there are indeed specific chemicals that can not only penetrate the skin barrier, but also enter the blood stream; it’s a long list. Such products as testosterone cream, lidocaine creams (ELMA), nicotine patches and even natural “products,” like poison oak, bridge the skin barrier and enter the blood. The hair “retard” cream Vaniqa has some efficacy, but again it enters the blood and is therefore not recommended for pregnant women.

So, who knows? Regina does have a point about Retinol products. It usually takes years (even decades) to discover all the “good and bad” aspects of any medication. So, I have an open mind on the subject. I’m sure that her electrologist did not treat all the follicles in the area … the ones treated are dead forever. Still, the creams might be stimulating the “sleeping follicles?”

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I have to agree with Michael. Some serums and creams do penetrate under the skin barrier. I think retinol is one of them as dermatologist prescribe it for acne and anti-aging. I’ve now just learned that recently some shampoos are including it to promote hair growth. (I had no idea of this otherwise I would keep far away from it!!!) There’s a forum on Reddit of users, mostly women claiming that in fact they have noticed even their peach fuzz becoming darker, and more noticeable.

Maybe we’re really sensitive to the product? Retinol has really made an impact on fine lines, and now I must stop using it, because I can’t have all the hard work my electrologist has done or the time, and money I’ve spent go to waste.

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Interesting. I will pay closer attention.
I have been using lightweight retinol (The Ordinary) for over a year now and have not noticed a specific increase in facial hair, and I get the odd long hair which I assume is just stuff missed in the past. So at present, the benefits of retinol outweigh any negatives. Derma rolling and LED machines are also popular options for antiaging, but as they used for hair growth on the scalp for fear of increased facial hair, I will not derma roll nor use an LED mask on my face.

No matter if you cleared the area there was a reason that hair was an issue in the first place. Possible genetics? Possible mild hormonal issue? Even over exposure to the sun. There is always maintenance no matter what you do. Electrolysis does not prevent future new hair growth. It doesn’t turn off what caused the excess hair in the first place. You should expect to have maintenance treatments whether it be yearly, bi yearly or every 5 years. This is realistic expectations. As for the Retinal…it’s been used topically for over half a century. Hair growth has not been a problem.

I found this on PubMed and thought it might be of interest to you. I know you post is a bit old but it seems like this is confirmation that you are indeed likely experiencing what you were suspecting all along. I found other articles mentioning this phenomenon as well.

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Thanks so much for adding that important piece. I had a strong feeling it had to be retinol as that’s the only product that I had introduced to my skincare regimen.