results & lawsuits & shame


I’m female, age 38 and would like nothing more than to get rid of the body hair and facial hair that has had a huge negative impact on my life since I was about 15.

I live in Orange County, south of Los Angeles and was excited and hopeful when I came across the Institute of Laser Medicine, which has two clinics, one in West Los Angeles and one in Newport Beach, Orange County.

I was going to call tomorrow and set up a free consultation with them in Newport Beach, but then I thought I would check out the names of the two doctors running this Institute first. I typed in Edwin Tobinick on Yahoo and up came Andrea’s site Hair Facts and I lost all hope for the 117th time.

Now, who am I to believe? Andrea sounds great and honest, but then I wondered, wouldn’t Dr. Tobinick (who claims to be an Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCLA’s School of Medicine, specializing in neurology and maybe doing the hair thing on the side?) have been sued by at least some of the 40.000 patients the Institute claims to have treated? Or are those folks so ashamed of having hair removed that they would rather walk on hot coals than sue the Institute and thereby putting themselves in the public spotlight? Could be, I don’t know, I’m as confused as ever. It’s like with the White House, and the church, and the media and your blind date - can you trust ANYBODY anymore?

I wonder if I could ask the investigative reporters on the alternative weekly papers the LA and OC Weekly to check out the Institute. Maybe they can find the truth.

I wish to add that Andrea seems to be doing a great job, and thank goodness for heroes like her and Ralph Naders of the world.

Any feedback on this?

P.S. Maybe we need support groups, us hairy folks. I’m white, a brunette, and am not that hairy, but it’s enough that I would love to get rid of it.

I am located in the same area as you and I found this site as I did a search on methods of hair removal. I am looking into hair removal but I am looking for dermitologist that do the procedure. We should share info on who is recommended. I watch alot of TLC and they have a couple of shows running that follow comesmetic surgery (usually with southern Cal doctors or NY doctors) a couple have been on hair removal.