I just read on a previous post that when thermolysis is done, or any kind of electrology for that matter, if the hair still has resistance when tweezed after it is treated, then it should be left in and treated again? I can always feel when my electrolygist pulls the hairs out. Not a lot of them come out very easily. What does this mean? What should I do. She used thermolysis on my by the way. thanks

Hi, the first electrolysis I went to seemed to pluck out every hair. As I wasn’t sure how it should feel I thought that was normal. She used thermolysis but said she was using blend. I went to her for 4 months. Then I changed to someone who did blend. Way different experience but I had lots and lots of scabs. It scared me and I still have marks (very faint) and that has been 4 weeks. I went to her twice and found someone closer to home. This woman is remarkable. She does both blend and thermolysis. I seldom feel a hair being pulled. Very little scabs. Just lots of red marks with some bumps that go away fairly quickly. Also not so itchy. Hope this helps.

Sometimes I feel it, most of the time I dont and sometimes she will try to pull out the hair and it wont then she will retreat it. When I do feel it its more of a tug then it just being pulled out. Most of the time they just come right out and I feel nothing. It depends if your feeling most of them just being yanked out. What are are you getting treated? I was just wondering because I am getting my upper lip done and I get scabs and bumps too.

Olivia: if you haven’t already, will you please post the name of your second electrologist in the referral section so other’s will know about her? It is such a struggle for many to find a competent practitioner and your positive experience can certainly save other’s from the frustration when they are on the hunt for someone good…



so what should i really be feeling then? I get my upper lip treated too. But also my chin and neck

Sometimes you might feel a tug.

This happens if the hair root is larger than the folicle - you feel it being pulled, but nothing else.

If the hair hasn’t been treated properly, you feel a “pluck” - more like when you pluck your eyebrows. You might feel some pain with the pluck or you might not.

But what you will feel with a “pluck” is a sudden giving way of the hair’s attachment with your skin. You don’t get that if it’s just a big root coming through a small folicle. It’s more of a drawn out “sqeeze” - like a cork coming out of a bottle.

I hope that helps - it’s quite difficult to put these feelings in words!

You said it Toni.
It is so hard to explain a feeling, and the difference between good an bad.

When the mass coming through the smaller follicle opening is the problem, it is closer to the sensation of a pimple releasing, and no ripping or tearing should be present. It is just a little tug and a quick pop.

Yes, it’s like a popping sensation. The hair is no longer attached to the follicle under the skin, so you just feel the hair alone being pulled up, it gives a little resistance, then >pop!<.

When a hair is being tweezed, the root is still attached to the follicle and you can feel all the skin being pulled up with the hair. The resistance is greater, I think. Maybe try tweezing a hair slowly and see if that is what you are feeling?

This may be a stupid question but where exactly do I post my electrolygist in the referral section? The thing is is that I am from BC Canada and I never see anyone on here from Canada.

We have people from all over the world here.

Post in Local electrologist referrals.
Put your city, provence and Canada in the subject line.
Something like, “Good Electrologist in Calgary Alberta Canada” for example.

You can put a referral post in this forum. Then, you see at the top of this page where it says “Main Index” ? Click on that, then scroll down to Electrology Referrals, and post your referral there, too.

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my electrologist will have the occasional tweeze. It is rare but it happens. I think sometimes the hairs are old and dry and don’t treat well.

I’m in Canada too, sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, got distracted for a while…the bikini area is coming along nicely and most of my other areas are getting real close to being done, even with an antique machine that kills.