reshaping my hairline...

Hi, it’s my first post and second day visiting this site. I must preface by noting my fascination with this forum- with such lively discourse on hair, it’s like one big international Tupperware party.
Now onto the issue I’d like feedback on… I recently got the notion to reshape my hairline(to essentially heighten my forehead) after going over some photos of myself. I decided to carefully shave the hairline until the desired amount was removed. Looks great except for a slight shadow of stubble (fair skin + brown/blonde hair). The shadow is barely noticable but the feel is startling upon running my hand up forehead and drawing hair back. I’m kicking around the idea of a more effective means to remove the equivalent of one small fingers’ width of my hairline. Any ideas out there? Rather, anyone care to share similar experiences? Is firing electricity at the head(ie. electrolysis) a viable or rational thing to do? Thanks in advance.

Firing electricity at your head is a perfectly normal thing to do…I do it all the time!

I’m mostly working on my brows and chin (on my head) but I did remove a few stray hairs in my hairline and they have not returned after six months.

Yes it’s very safe and effective.

Anything else you would like to know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, yes, you can do what you are describing, quite easily and with the right equipment and the right operator, you will get a relatively painless and permanent removal of those hairs with electrolysis.

The trick is to find the right person… You have a number of options in NYC, and further if you are prepared to travel…

Good luck,