Report: rotary epilator on arm hair


OK, I just did my arms after a couple of months, and I thought it might be helpful to start a report each time I did them.

I use an old Braun Silk-epil comfort. It still works great.

Total treatment time took 15 minutes for both arms and hands.

Hairs were pretty long and wispy. They’re blonde and hard to see, so I have to do it where I can angle them into direct light to make sure I got it all.

The most painful part for me is usually on my wrists. Upper arms and tops of hands are not painful at all. The inside of my arms along the radius bone extending from the thumb hurts more than the outer part along the ulna.

My arms are very freckly, so the tiny red blothches are hard to see after treatment. Redness is most noteable on the wrists. I treated one arm with Tend Skin right after, and 20 mintes later, it is much less red that the untreated arm.

There’s a mild tingling on my arms, but the whole procedure was quite simple and bearable. After I have something to eat, I’ll be doing my legs, which always take a lot longer.


Hi! Hope you don’t mind me chiming in, as I have also recently started epilating my arms. I use an Emjoi Gently Gold Caress. I was expecting it to hurt a lot at first 'cause it did when I started using it on my legs, and especially the underarms, but for some reason it didn’t hurt at all. The only annoying thing is I’m now getting little bumps on and near my elbows.


On September 30 I did my arms and legs again. Fifteen mintes for both arms. 50 minutes for both legs. I did not do the bikini area, which would have added at least 15 minutes.

At six hours post-treatment, arms look fine, but legs are red and blotchy, especially around follicles.

Although I waited 4 weeks, the hairs on my fingers and hands probably would have been better to get a week or two ago. The arms themselves could have gone another week or two with no problems.