Replacing One Touch Needle Help

Hi. The time has come for me to replace the needle on my One Touch, but I seem to have misplaced the directions. (I’ve gotten better directions from this forum anyways :-)!) Can someone please tell me how to replace the needle? Thanks!

I guess I wasn’t very clear. I have the replacement needle already. I just don’t know how to break it apart and replace it.

The top slides off.You might have to tug a bit but it’ll eventually come off.Then just remove the old and replace…

oh…one more thing…when the top is off i used to put the replacement tip in first then put the top over it.I ran into some problems doing this b/c the needle would get caught and bend instead of coming through the hole.So what i do now is before putting the top back on i push the needle through the top peice first(ensuring the needle goes through the opening and is visible)then carefully all together insert back in.

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Thanks!!! :smile: