Removing hair "the proper way"?

I just ordered nair4men…the regular version. I’m rather worried about trying it after all the negative comments I have seen. But it has to work for most people satisfactorilly, or it wouldn’t still be on the market I would think.

My question is simply this - If I use it to get rid of some unwanted back hair, and also do my chest at the same time, am I obligated to do my arms and legs as well??

I know this sounds like an obvious or stupid question, but once I start, is it an all or nothing proposition? I don’t typically notice how other people look, so I’m not sure how the “normal” look is supposed to be. If I leave my arms and legs as is, and just do my chest and back, do I stand out as someone who did only 1/2 the job???

Any comments on using the nair, along with my question would be GREATLY appreciated ASAP.

I don’t know if you’re still reading this, and I’m no expert, but I am a woman. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be able to use it just on certain areas. Everyone has patches of hair here and there, it’s natural. Guys who don’t have hairy chests can still have hairy arms and legs and certainly a full head of hair. My own husband has plenty of hair on his arms and legs, as well as chest and stomach, but his sides and back are like a baby. Even the undersides of his arms are very smooth, while the tops are like fur. Hahaha, my husband is sounding more and more attractive as I write this. I am trying to say that it is natural to have patches here and there and I don’t think it would cross anyone’s mind that you are “unfinished.”