Removing hair during laser treatments


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Re: Laser frequently-asked questions [Re: lagirl]
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I had my chin lasered for the first time a week ago but didn’t shave/pluck beforehand so they are getting pretty long. The doctor has told me to wait at least 4 days, preferably a week before shaving, etc again but i just wanted to see if anyone has any comments on this?

I usually tweezer them out as i was told previously that its worse to shave, is this correct?

many thanks

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Re: Laser frequently-asked questions [Re: Rustie]
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You CANNOT pluck or wax etc during treatments. That defeats the purpose and you would be wasting your money. Also, even if you didn’t shave, which they should have done before treatment, wasn’t the hair burned off by laser? What color is your hair? I find it surprising that all the hair just stayed there unless it’s blond. Shaving is absolutely fine. It doesn’t affect the treatments or the root of the hair in any way. What machine was used? What settings? It sounds like the person treating you is a bit misinformed or you’re misunderstanding something.

Also, can you post this in a new thread? This thread is for FAQs.

Los Angeles, CA

I was told that the hair falls out after about 2 weeks of the laser treatment and is not immediate. I am a redhead but the hair is dark brown/black mainly. I’ll find the sheet and let you know the machine and settings as the doctor gave a sheet with all the information on it. Please excuse the time difference etc. as i am in New Zealand not America.

Thank you Rustie xx

Yes, it takes 2-3 weeks for the hair to shed. How long has it been? Usually, the process is you shave the hair, it’s treated by laser, then hair starts coming out of the skin which looks like it’s growing, but in 2-3 weeks it falls out and you have a hairfree period until new hair that was dormant before starts to come in. If you have dark brown/black hair and light skin, laser should work for you.

It’s only been a week since my treatment but I didn’t shave beforehand hence the reason i want to pluck or something as i feel very conscious of the hair. I will wait another couple of weeks if there is a risk that it will effect the work the laser has done.

Next time i wil Definately shave beforehand, i just thought that the doctor would need to see where the hair was! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />

you can shave while you’re waiting for shedding. you just cannot do anything that removes hair with the root. shaving doesn’t affect the hair in any way. feel free to do it if you need to.

also, you can shave a day or 2 before treatment so that there is a tiny bit of stubble. that way the tech will see where to treat.

Thanks so much LAGirl. I really appreciate the advice and i’ll let you know how the treatments go.